Honest opportunity to Pioneer Energy Sustainability

Hopes maps, analyses, and optimises the energy consumption of your business.

How its works

By understanding and analysing your electrical consumption, Hopes gives you the tools to stop over-consuming. We provide businesses with tailor-made solutions enabling them to improve their energy efficiency.

HOPES analyses the areas where your consumption is abnormally high through the collected data, determining which specific appliances are over consuming.


And start mapping
  • We map your energy network
  • We collect your data and establish your consumption patterns


Simple & Secure
  • We analyse your consumption
  • We propose simple savings solutions based on your energy usage and appliance control


Start optimising now
  • We provide your business with projected consumption and savings figures
  • We advise on further sustainable solutions.

HOPES ensures that your consumption is truly optimised. Giving you peace of mind regarding your energy system's efficiency and the ability to control your electricity bill.

  • On-boarding and data collection
  • Consumption level assessment
  • Consumption pattern analysis
  • Analysis report
  • Saving solutions

Our Ethos

Understand your 360° Consumption insights

Through HOPES, your business will benefit from the potential to monitor, manage and optimise all areas of your consumption under one inclusive system.

  • Map and control your business energy network by choosing breakdown metrics according to the level on information required
  • Maximize your network efficiency to reduce your long-term energy bills
  • One approach to provide regular, bespoke improvement daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Automate your business by controlling numerous locations under one system.

Simple and Effecient

HOPES combine modern technologies to optimize and reduce present and future consumption patterns through detailed, real-time data, so we can let you know when something happens or is happening.

Ensuring a long term and durable sustainability of our energy grids whilst generating savings through the elimination of over-consumption.

We are adding more everyday to our system, to help you to take care of things from you without having you to do a lot's of work.

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